Aside 30 Dec

Some Neat Articles about Russian Food both by Irakli Iosebashvili from WaPo.

Deconstructing “Herring under a Fur Coat” and The Ultimate Russian Comfort Food 

In Russian cuisine, there are basically two types of dishes – those that are immediately recognizable, and others that keep you guessing right up until the first bite. Most fall into the first category: Shashlik, when you get down to it, is meat on a stick – as any fan of the kebab will happily point out. Pelmeny may be as Russian as a food can get, but they are instantly familiar to anyone who has ever had wontons, ravioli or manty.

“Golubtsy” derived from the Russian word for pigeon (“golub”), and often bring back memories of homemade cooking.”

Russian food is basic, nourishing, domestic. Like mom, it simply smothers you with love. That’s why you can eat French cuisine at home, but still picture it being served in a restaurant, while Russian cuisine will always have something homemade about it, no matter where it is served.


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