Metro to Metro (and Memes oh my)

31 Dec

Oh my…

I’ve been to four American cities with mass, rapid public transportation: Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago and Boston. I thought some of those metro designs were weird and unnerving (Boston’s in particular.)

I was cruising the Tumblr line when I came across the metro map for Moscow.

Not gonna lie, I did one of these guys:

But then I realized it was a projection of what Moscow’s metro would look like in 100 years. So, just for giggles, I looked up the current Moscow metro map.

And promptly made this face:

Which lead to this:

So, in short: here’s a compilation of Moscow and St. Petersburg’s Metro maps versus the rapid transit systems I’ve been on throughout my life. Enjoy. ūüôā

Moscow in 100 years:

Moscow Metro now


St. Petersburg Metro (just for fun)

Stuff I’m familiar with:

Washington, DC (aka: home)

I will say that DC has the dumbest system because of all the overlapping lines. Totally unnecessary.

Boston Metro, the T (aka: hell)

Atlanta (MARTA)

Chicago, the Red Line (aka, I was 12 when I rode this, so I don’t remember all of it’s complexities)


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