Disney Villain Songs

16 Mar

Sometimes I wonder if Disney villain songs sound so much better in Russian because we’re still taught that Russia is the “Great Advisory.” I wonder if Russian kids think their villain songs sound more sinister in English. (Please note that this is not something I’m seriously thinking about. Just some thoughts running around in my head as I listen to these songs to study.) This is no particular order, either. Enjoy! 🙂

This is Halloween, Nightmare before Christmas 1993 [note: not a villain song, but holy crap is this fun]

Hellfire, Hunchback of Notre Dame 1996

Be Prepared, The Lion King 1994

Poor Unfortunate Souls, The Little Mermaid 1989

The Mob Song, Beauty and the Beast 1992

The Ooogie Boogie Song, Nightmare before Christmas 1993

In the Dark of the Night, Anastasia 1997 [note: I know this isn’t Disney. And I know this is an awful movie.]

Friends on the Other Side, Princess and the Frog 2009
[note: The user disabled embedding, but give it a listen!]


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