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An American, Australian and Englishman walk onto a Russian late-night talk show

19 Jul

It’s been a ling time since I’ve done just a mini-blog. I feel like I’m copping out here, especially since last week’s post was so well-regarded on Facebook.

But! This is in lieu of a longer piece I have planned for next week, not just because I got lazy/didn’t have anything to write about. We’re going to talk about ~families~.

Sorry about the late post (again). I was quite sick yesterday and was sleeping it off for most of the day.

And now on to the world’s most [h]awkward interview ever.

Would you consider Ivan Urgant to be more like Craig Ferguson, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon or David Letterman? I feel like he’s a bit more straight-laced than Ferguson.


People forgotten to the pages of history

11 Jul

The other day, between one of my many emotional breakdowns via Dreamweaver, I went looking through my external hard drive, just to reminisce through the Good Ole Days. 2009. Good times.
Before I moved to DC, I called Waipio Gentry, Hawaii home. Waipio is a suburb of Waipahu, which is one of Honolulu’s many, many branches. All of Leeward Oahu is Honolulu, and I won’t be convinced otherwise. And I suppose I should knock this out-of-the-way too: no, I don’t hula; no, I don’t speak Hawaiian; no, I didn’t go to the beach every day–I actually really don’t like the beach; no, I did not ride my pet sea turtle to school every day; yes, I did go to school.

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Macaroni Salmon Pie

18 May

A friend of mine follows this blog, and I’m really happy I found it. This looks really yummy and I might have to try it while I’m here in Wisconsin.

The Mendeleyev Journal - Live From Moscow

Macaroni Salmon Pie is the latest addition to the Mendeleyev Journal’s page on Russian & Ukrainian main dishes.

thick noodles 800 grams
Salmon 1.5 kg.
tomatoes, 6
onions 2
2 cloves of garlic
Eggs 3
semi-hard cheese, 75 grams
dry white wine 3 tbsp.
9% fat cream 2 tbsp.
unrefined olive oil 2 tbsp.
bay leaf 1 pc.
sprigs of parsley, as desired
butter 1 tbsp.
salt and pepper to season

Cook macaroni in boiling water.

Rinse with cold water.

Cut Salmon fillet into large chunks. Then peel and chop Onions and garlic. Grate the cheese. Wash, dry and cover the parsley.

In a skillet heat the olive oil and fry, stirring, onion and garlic, 7 min.

Cut and cook the tomatoes into a sauce for about 5 minutes. Add fish, bay leaves, pour in the wine. Reduce heat, cook 10 minutes. Put the fish slices in…

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